“Treehotel” in Harads – the unique way of accommodation

If you want to spend the night in a tree house in the forest, the "Treehotel" is the right place for you, Photo: Geran de Klerk / Unsplash
If you want to spend the night in a tree house in the forest, the "Treehotel" is the right place for you, Photo: Geran de Klerk / Unsplash

If you like to spend the night in the great outdoors but don’t want to miss out on the smaller amenities of a hotel room, you should take a closer look at the “Treehotel” in Harads, Sweden, where imagination, creativity, a light touch of luxury meet the spectacular, wild nature of Sweden.

Overnight stay in a tree house

Did you also dream of living in your tree house as a child? To spend the night high up in the strong tops of a tree and to count the stars before falling asleep? In the “Treehotel” you can make your dreams come true.

About an hour’s flight from the Swedish capital lies the 600-strong village of Harads. Here you will find a unique and unusual hotel in Sweden.

The “Treehotel” consists – as the name suggests – of seven different tree houses, from which you can choose your favorite tree house. If you are expecting a tree house made of wooden planks, you are completely wrong because each of the tree houses in the “Treehotel” is a unique, fantastic design tree house with style and a touch of luxury and casual comfort.

The “Treehotel” in Sweden – who invented it?

The inventors and owners of the “Treehotel” in Harrads are the married couple Britta and Kent Lindvall. The unusual idea for the “Treehotel” came to the two pension operators out of love for nature and after filming in Harads and the surrounding area for the film “The Tree Lover” by Jonas Selberg Augustsén, for which a tree house was built. The Lindvalls thought the tree house was beautiful, too bad to tear it down again, and so they rented it out without further ado to their pension guests, who accepted the tree house enthusiastically. Thus, the idea of the “Treehotel” took its course.

Each of the tree houses in the “Treehotel” is an individual design building. The size varies between 15 square meters and 75 square meters. The names were given according to the shape of the tree houses and also the interior design consisting of purely natural materials was adapted to the style of the respective tree house.

„The Mirrorcube“

Floating in the forest: "The Mirrorcube", Photo: Treehotel
Floating in the forest: “The Mirrorcube”, Photo: Treehotel

Square, 4 x 4 x 4 meters and completely mirrored on the outside that’s how the “Mirrorcube” presents itself. The mirrors reflect the surroundings of the tree house and thus offer a spectacular sight. Since nature conservation is a top priority for the Lindvalls, the exterior walls were fitted with infrared protection that is highly visible to birds to prevent collisions with the treehouse.

The “Mirrorcube” has it all: in the middle of the tree house, which you can reach via a suspension bridge, grows the tree trunk, to which the tree house is anchored at a lofty height. “Mirrorcube” comes with a cozy double bed, a sitting area and toilet and is suitable for 2 people. Besides the 6 windows that give you a breathtaking view of Lapland’s nature, there is also a hidden balcony and a roof terrace.

“Bird’s Nest” – free as a bird

Bird's Nest in winter, photo: Treehotel
Bird’s Nest in winter, photo: Treehotel

Bird’s Nest is a round tree house that blends in with nature like no other. The outer walls were completely covered with branches and gives the tree house the appearance of a giant bird’s nest. Through a ladder and a “loophole” you can get inside the “Bird’s Nest”. This house is optimal for families, as it has four sleeping places – a double bed and a bunk bed.

Small round windows lend light to the rooms and give a view of the beautiful surroundings. A toilet is also available.

Larger luggage should be left at the guesthouse and only the bare necessities should be taken into the nest, as the entrance is quite steep and narrow.

“The Cabin” – the most romantic tree house of the “Treehotel”.

Just enjoy the view: "The Cabin": Photo: Treehotel
Just enjoy the view: “The Cabin”: Photo: Treehotel

“The Cabin” – the cabin is a rectangular, 25 sqm capsule-like tree house for 2 people. From the bottom, you enter the room via a bridge with romantic, cozy seating and a cozy double bed. Large windows and the terrace on the roof give you an unobstructed view of the wild beauty of Swedish Lapland.

This treehouse of the “Treehotel” is very popular with newlyweds, newlyweds or newlyweds in love because it is one of the most beautiful treehouses and due to the location and the furnishings one of the most romantic of the “Treehotel”. Here you can experience fantastic sunrises and sunsets in the middle of nature. Luckily, you can even enjoy the northern lights from your bed during the winter months.

“7th room” – the newest of the treehouses

New and spacious: "7th room", Photo: Treehotel
New and spacious: “7th room”, Photo: Treehotel

“The 7th room” is the newest tree house in the “Treehotel” in Harads and for this very reason, simply called – the seventh room. With 75 square meters it is the largest of the rooms in the “Treehotel” and offers enough space for 5 people. The tree house, which is suspended 10 meters above the ground, can be reached via a staircase and gives you a good feeling of how it feels to be at home in the treetops. The outer walls of the tree house are clad in dark wood and blend in beautifully with nature and the surroundings.

In the middle, a terrace consisting of strong netting separates the two rooms. The side with the panoramic windows faces the river valley and offers a magnificent panoramic view over the country.

The seventh room has 2 bedrooms, each with 2 beds and an extra 1.20 cm wide bed in the living area. The interior design is clean, minimalist-modern Scandinavian style. Besides, you will even find a full bathroom with toilet and shower.

“The UFO” – Aliens in the middle of the forest

Enjoy the starry sky indoors and outdoors in the "UFO", Photo: Treehotel
Enjoy the starry sky indoors and outdoors in the “UFO”, Photo: Treehotel

You love aliens, are enthusiastic about E.T. and always wanted to see a flying saucer from the inside? With the tree house “UFO” of the “Treehotel” you can fulfill this wish. In fact, there is a real UFO floating in the middle of the forest, which with 30 square meters offers space for 5 people and is ideal for a family vacation of the “third kind”. Via a ladder which can be pulled up electrically, you enter the “realm of the aliens”.

Sparkling stars on the ceiling and on the interior decoration give you an extraterrestrial feeling. The small windows of the UFO let in enough light and allow you to look out. Less is more in the “UFO” as well: large luggage should be left in the guesthouse due to the ladder and the nature of the entrance.

“The Dragonfly” – the second largest tree house

"The Dragonfly" is also suitable for small meetings, Photo: Treehotel
“The Dragonfly” is also suitable for small meetings, Photo: Treehotel

“The Dragonfly is the second largest treehouse at the Treehotel in Harads with 52 square meters. Although it “only” sleeps four people, it can be used for business meetings for up to 6 people through an extra area.

The “Dragonfly” can be reached via a 15-meter-long ramp, which ends on a small terrace. Also in this beautiful tree house, large panoramic windows face the river valley.

“The Blue Cone” – the special tree house

Red instead of blue: "The Blue Cone", Photo: Treehotel
Red instead of blue: “The Blue Cone”, Photo: Treehotel

“The Blue Cone” is a special tree house and that in two ways. First, the “Blue Cone” – the blue cone – is not blue, but bright red, and second, it is entered via a fixed bridge. Therefore, the space can also be used by people with disabilities.

Why the blue cone is not painted blue, but red, there are different opinions. Ultimately, however, the naming only shows the uniqueness and smart ideas behind the “Treehotel”. The blue cone offers space for four overnight guests.

„The Guesthouse“

„The Guesthouse“, Photo: Treehotel
„The Guesthouse“, Photo: Treehotel

“The Guesthouse” is not a tree house, but a guest house with six rooms and a total of 12 beds. Some rooms have their bathroom, for the other rooms shared bathrooms are available. WLAN is included in every room.

The guesthouse is suitable for people who want to spend their vacations in the beautiful nature of Sweden, but do not want to miss out on amenities such as a fireplace, private bathroom, internet or a good cup of coffee in the morning.