Country Lexicon

When a man goes on a journey, he has a story to tell. That’s an old saying that still holds true today. However, there are not only personal and sometimes very individual travel stories to tell, but also interesting facts about foreign countries, other cultures and customs and wonderful sights. If you spontaneously decide on a destination, it is easier if you already know a few facts about your chosen destination. Who were the indigenous people, how has the country developed to date, and what kind of landscape awaits the traveler? It is also interesting to know when the best time to travel is. After all, nobody wants to spend their well-earned vacation days in the rain or with a thick sweater and an indoor program. It therefore makes sense to find out in advance when the country of your vacation dreams is at its sunniest and what climatic aspects need to be considered when packing your suitcase.

However, anyone who has ever planned a vacation knows that there is also the reverse version of vacation planning. The focus is not on the country itself, but on the desired activities. If you want to plan an active vacation and experience nature, you are in the right place where there is a wonderful, varied landscape with unique flora and fauna. For sun worshippers or those interested in culture, on the other hand, countries with beautiful beaches and historical sights of various origins are just the thing. With the help of the encyclopedia entries, everyone can get a good overview and find their dream destination for an unforgettable vacation among all the countries on our impressive planet. Finding information here and immersing yourself in the history and culture of your future vacation destination will increase your anticipation of your future stay many times over. Written information is also very helpful for the follow-up to your vacation.

Whether it’s the many countries with direct access to the sea, which often also have a spectacular history, or a country with impressive buildings that are often UNESCO World Heritage Sites — finding out in advance will go a long way towards ensuring that your vacation turns out in reality as it has long existed in your imagination. But even after the trip, this encyclopedia is a wonderful way to keep the memories alive. Thanks to the wealth of information, thoughts of the time spent in foreign countries will remain alive for a long time and will be passed on to relatives and friends in exciting stories. Anyone who can back this up with detailed facts, such as those found in this country encyclopedia, not only enlivens their stories, but also proves to be a profound connoisseur of foreign cultures and distant countries in their circle of friends.